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Possibly the most important and exciting pieces of the current data science phenomenon is the contagiously addictive response to the powerful and valuable results drawn from a the exiting journey in exploratory analysis as well as the intrigue brought about from the interactive nature of data-driven products, dashboards, platforms and myriad forms of data turned responsive agent which provides its user a fresh perspective on a piece of information or activity of personal importance to them. As this trend rapidly outgrows the tech sector, now leaving a a more consequential and indispensable foot print we will see this exploration and evolution into the science of interacting data with a goal of extracting value through actionable insight reach a level of familiarity along side the smart phone and personal computer - just another remarkably innovative tool so acclimated into daily life that it sits in our pockets with infinite power and potential beyond comprehension yet is loved for the immediate edification of our moment's desire.


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